Why I Eat 4 to 5 Eggs a Day – Dr. Eric Berg

Author: MGTAT-Reekay

After retiring at the age of 49 from the hamster-wheel existence of the Western lifestyle, I have lived an adventure as a traveling expat in Southeast Asia since 2012. Primarily in the Philippines and Vietnam. My primary Youtube channel (LifeBeyondTheSea) now has over 14 million views and I have done hundreds of consultations online helping men find solutions to their retirement and dating situations. To set up a Facetime consultation use the Facetime tab at the site menu-bar.


  1. If you want heart and/or cardiac artery disease, this is the way to go. I am an MD radiologist. “Dr.” Berg is not a doctor. He is a chiropractor trying to make a buck off YouTube. The amount of cholesterol in these eggs is simply unacceptable. It’s best to minimize or better yet, eliminate animal products in the diet and focus on lower fat plant foods. I review many ultrasound studies of patients on high animal product diets most of them have significant occlusions of carotid arteries and vascular issues. Doppler studies confirm this. If you want to avoid heart disease, stay off a high animal fat and cholesterol diet. A plant based low fat vegan diet can actually reverse heart disease.

    1. More outdated pseudoscience, ad hominems and argumentum ab auctoritate by our resident xray reader.
      Here’s an explanation from a physician who is actually competent in this area:
      You already know it all, Ox, so I know you won’t bother to read it. Besides, it’s difficult reading. And if you wanted difficult, you sure wouldn’t have picked radiology!
      And here’s a website that will explain more about cholesterol than most cardiologists know:
      Gasp! The site is by an engineer, not a physician!
      (BTW, home blood glucose testing was innovated by an engineer, not a physician. Because even though regular home testing saved lives, doctors preferred charging a fortune for their monthly (!) tests. Money was behind physicians keeping diabetics from testing their own blood sugar, and money is behind doctors (urged on by the drug pushers of the trillion-dollar cholesterol drug industry) promulgating cholesterol misinformation (and prescriptions.)
      The engineer who created home blood glucose testing couldn’t get the arrogant doctors to pay him a lick of attention, so the only way he could help actual patients was to become a doctor himself. Now, at 85, he’s still practicing, still saving lives!
      Ox, this is an example of how heroic a man can be if he comes from contribution, rather than empty, puffed-up ego.
      Enjoy your xrays, rockstar.

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