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This is a great quick-notes slideshow to get you started on the Keto Diet.
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Author: MGTAT-Reekay

After retiring at the age of 49 from the hamster-wheel existence of the Western lifestyle, I have lived an adventure as a traveling expat in Southeast Asia since 2012. Primarily in the Philippines and Vietnam. My primary Youtube channel (LifeBeyondTheSea) now has over 14 million views and I have done hundreds of consultations online helping men find solutions to their retirement and dating situations. To set up a Facetime consultation use the Facetime tab at the site menu-bar.


  1. This is a very dangerous diet. It’s very much like Atkins. As a radiologist, I have had the unique opportunity to see the long term effects of this type of high animal fat eating. The long term results include, but are not limited to kidney stones, osteoporosis (the high fat animal products cause calcium to leech out of the bones), elevated levels of cholesterol which cause heart disease, cardiac artery disease, liver damage, and in some cases, various carcinomas. The body is designed to run on complex carbs. The only reason this works is because you are reducing calories overall, and the your are losing fluids due to the diuretic effect of a high protein low carb diet. The long term success of keeping weigh off is dismal. It simply doesn’t work long term. A completely or mostly plant based lower fat diet has more positive results with none of the issues I mentioned. Be careful.

    1. good feedback, what you say makes sense. how do you feel about doing a plant-based diet via the ‘blending/juicing’ diet (joe cross diet)?

      in your opinion, why do you think doctors Oz and Berg promote this diet? as physicians, they should be aware of the points you brought up.

      1. Ox_Monster is giving you the standard vegan catechism. It’s all lies. Unfortunately, there’s such a blizzard of bs out there that it takes a heroic effort to get to what’s real.

        There are hints, like evolution — virtually none of the stuff vegans say we should eat existed a century ago. Modern fruit is nothing like the real fruit it’s been bred from. We never ate grains before a few thousand years ago, and even that was ground by hand, soaked for days, etc. It was the modern rolling mill that enabled the flour needed for mass-produced breads, cakes and cookies. Sugar was only tasted incredibly rarely, when some brave kid raided a hive.
        Fruit was never especially healthy, but at least it was seasonal, so small, hard to find, tough and unsweet that it didn’t matter. Now it’s available by the railcar, bred for maximum fructose content — the most toxic sugar.
        The plant oils this dude would tell you are healthy also never existed before the 1930s. These oils all come with pretty plant pictures on them, but the oils come from toxic industrial processes and are unbelievably bad for you. “Crisco”, the first plant oil, stands for Crystallized Cottonseed Oil. Cottonseed oil was a waste by product, usable only as machine oil but disgusting to humans, until the hydrogenation process was invented to make it look more like the lard housewives expected, and it was bleached by chemicals to look a pretty pale yellow rather than its natural look (basically like burnt, never-changed engine oil), and chemically deodorized so it doesn’t smell as rancid as it really is. (All ‘vegetable’ oils are rancid in the bottle.) (

        One of my hesitations with moving to the Philippines is that the food is uniquely unhealthy. It’s all the cheapest carbs, sugars, industrial plant oils and even the animal meats have horrific Omega 6:3 ratios. (Pork and chicken are almost all inflammatory/fattening Omega 6 content.) Far-healthier ruminant meat (beef and lamb) apparently is only available imported at great cost. (Grilled fish though is good.)
        Anyway, this guy will reply with another blizzard of patent nonsense, as will others, and I won’t be dragged into it. So here’s a note to you, Reekay: read all the case studies on It’s long, but you will never think of food the same way again.

        (If you want to go even deeper down the rabbit hole, is another mind-bender. You can spend a few hours on that site and wind up knowing more about blood lipids than most cardiologists. And you can read “Big Fat Surprise” on Kindle for a broader introduction of diet science, unpolluted by the interests of Nabisco and Archer Daniels Midland.)

        Reekay, thanks for all you do — seems like everything you do makes me more optimistic about my future.

        1. As a board certified MD who has fellowship training in interventional radiology, I am far more qualified to deliver accurate health information than either your average vegan and probably more than you. You misquoted me regarding vegetable oils which are processed and dangerous. I see the patients who come in who are on these so called Keto diet who has chronic constipation, kidney stones, liver damage, osteoporosis, and heart disease. If you want to be healthy, you have to keep the animal products and processed oils to a minimum. When you become a medical doctor like me and treat disease conditions, you might be in a position to challenge me, but you’re not.

          1. I learned my cynicism about physicians from my heart surgeon father, who never stopped complaining about what morons most doctors were. So I’m hardly surprised that you responded with an argument from authority fallacy, but from an x-ray doc of all things, it’s pretty amusing. Physicians are notoriously ignorant of nutrition — they receive essentially no training in it — and radiologists (!) are certainly no exception. The sad truth is the virtually every American who loses his feet or vision from diabetes is under the care of a physician — one who is pushing the same ‘healthy whole grain’ diet you are.

            Anyway, I’m glad that physicians like you are finally starting to age out of the profession. You guys had your 50 year reign of terror, kicked off by Ancel Keyes and the McGovern Committee, pushed on by the grain, sugar, plant oil and pharmaceutical industries, but the world is finally starting to awaken from the health catastrophe guys like you presided over.

            By the way, there’s no shortage of physicians who are sounding the alarm about the diet you’re pushing, either. You’re merely the only doc in this thread.

            1. First of all, I am not an X-ray doc as you call me. I read many types of studies including complex MRIs, nuclear studies and CTs. I also did a surgical rotation. I am an expert in human anatomy and for your information, I have studied nutrition for over 30 years. I’ve already said what I have to say. You are free to do as you please, but kindly do not refer to doctors as morons. We are highly trained and our job is to help save lives. I am trying to do the same thing on these posts, regardless of any negative reaction to them.

              1. I didn’t refer to them as morons. My late surgeon father did. Constantly.
                He was surrounded by doctors for his forty-something year career, so his opinion was presumably an informed one.
                Oh, by the way, he was also board-certified. And a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS). And of the American College of Surgeons (FACS.)

                Keep on reading those films, doc.

                1. Yes, and also MRI, CT, CTA, Nuclear, breast MRI, vascular ultrasound, etc. And we will continue to treat men with advanced protate cancer due to high animal fat diets.

                  1. Actually, that’s incorrect.
                    Major new study yesterday in the Annals of Internal Medicine:
                    Avoiding red or processed meat doesn’t seem to give health benefits
                    “There are no health reasons to cut down on eating red or processed meat, according to a new review of the evidence. The claims, which contradict most existing dietary advice, come from a review of existing studies led by the Spanish and Polish Cochrane Centers, part of a global collaboration for assessing medical research.”

                    Journal article:

                    That should help catch you up a bit.

      2. Blending is particularly good because you preserve the fiber. Every morning I make a smoothie consisting of organic berries, 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed, a teaspoon of chia seed, and a quarter teaspoon of both cinnamon and ground nutmeg. This gives you plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and all the omega 3s you need. You can also juice vegetables like carrots, but you are missing the fiber. I do that sometimes but not everyday. You need solid food. Liquids alone are not enough. You can eat all the vegetables and fruit you want. The key is to eliminate or at least minimize, animal products (use as a condiment) and vegetable oils. A handful of raw nuts like almonds or walnuts is great everyday. Berg is a chiropractor and he’s been in trouble with the Virginia state board for giving medical advise he is not qualified to give. The Atkins (Keto) diet gives very fast short term results because it causes the body to excrete fluids and it appears that you have lost a significant amount of weight quickly. In fact, most of it is water weight. It’s almost impossible to maintain long term because the brain needs glucose to function and serotonin for mood control and well being. Both are severely limited on Atkins. The may report an initial increase in energy because they have eliminated the bad simple carbs and they are not getting crashes. However, they will have constipation from the lack of sufficient fiber, bad breath, body odor, and the load on the kidneys filtering excess animal protein and liver dysfunction cause by excessive ketones being thrown off create an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation. Berg and Oz promote these diets because most people are looking for a quick fix and they make a ton of money off video views and advertising. This is not a good solution.

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