How to Keep the Wrong Women out of Your Life | Dr. Shawn T. Smith PsyD

A very good look at the psychology behind ‘why’ you should be taking your time when dealing with women. Especially if you are the type of man who has what a woman wants.

Author: MGTAT-Reekay

After retiring at the age of 49 from the hamster-wheel existence of the Western lifestyle, I have lived an adventure as a traveling expat in Southeast Asia since 2012. Primarily in the Philippines and Vietnam. My primary Youtube channel (LifeBeyondTheSea) now has over 14 million views and I have done hundreds of consultations online helping men find solutions to their retirement and dating situations. To set up a Facetime consultation use the Facetime tab at the site menu-bar.


  1. Thanks for posting these Reekay. Have to admin this “masculine man” thing has really got me thinking. Ive always been so ready to cave, to question MY way of thinking when there was a disagreement or things didnt seem quite right. In retrospect that has been such an enormous waste of my time, my energy.

    1. i think just about every western-raised man has tried to find ‘peace’ with a woman by catering to her demands. which is different than making changes for an appreciative woman. we have to change our whole outlook on the matter. “we are the prize.” not in a prideful way, but just a better perspective. they are offering their beauty and (assumably) their good companionship. their beauty is going to diminish over time.

      meanwhile, we as men are offering practically a lifetime fortune in financial security. “we are the prize.” and if they want to get hold of it, they need to wait outside the gate until we figure out just how much ‘crazy’ is in her pot.

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