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The Best Reason To Exercise More

We’ve been told for years that we should exercise more for better heart health and to lose weight. And while those reasons are true, it is not the best reason for increasing exercise in your daily life. While some ‘may’ lose weight exercising, what is showing in more and more research is that exercise is definitely a boost to your emotional and mental capability. Considering that mild to moderate depression or getting into a ‘funk’ is something we’ve all experienced at some point, it makes taking a fresh look at exercise with a new motive.

Author: MGTAT-Reekay

After retiring at the age of 49 from the hamster-wheel existence of the Western lifestyle, I have lived an adventure as a traveling expat in Southeast Asia since 2012. Primarily in the Philippines and Vietnam. My primary Youtube channel (LifeBeyondTheSea) now has over 14 million views and I have done hundreds of consultations online helping men find solutions to their retirement and dating situations. To set up a Facetime consultation use the Facetime tab at the site menu-bar.

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