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Answering Critics: “Age-Gap Relationships Are Wrong!”

Age-gap relationships are highly criticized when the man is older, but strangely enough.. not when it’s an older, “cougar” woman. Yet in Southeast Asian and Latin countries an age-gap relationship between an older, established man and a younger woman is very common. Here I take on the first argument made which simply states that such a relationship is ‘wrong’ by default.

Author: MGTAT-Reekay

After retiring at the age of 49 from the hamster-wheel existence of the Western lifestyle, I have lived an adventure as a traveling expat in Southeast Asia since 2012. Primarily in the Philippines and Vietnam. My primary Youtube channel (LifeBeyondTheSea) now has over 14 million views and I have done hundreds of consultations online helping men find solutions to their retirement and dating situations. To set up a Facetime consultation use the Facetime tab at the site menu-bar.


  1. I think the visceral response comes from women who see this for what it is: a competition they have little chance of winning. What they must do is give their husband a reason he unquestioningly believes to walk the straight line; whether it is logically sound is of secondary importance.

    1. true. to put it succinctly, they know they cannot compete. all this ‘sophistication’ boils down to noise and sacrifice for the western man and, given a choice, he will choose the traditional roles in a relationship over this ‘chic’ nonsense feminism is demanding.

      well… in the free-market, an item or service is only worth what a person will pay for it. and men are increasingly saying, “no thanks” to feminism and taking their value elsewhere.

  2. Sorry, Computer bounced me out of my previous comment due to my fat fingers touching the wrong keys
    I’ll continue..
    From a lifetime of observation, assuredly…
    Draw knowledge and value from others, without becoming as others think. Why? We lose touch with inner vision. Every man and woman composes layers of biased history projecting personal agenda. Attachment to other’s belief, limits and colors personal perception. What may be right for you in decision making becomes watered down by other’s influential power of thought. Attachment to other people’s opinions, overshadows vision of personal know-how. Weak,
    lazy – minded individuals are attracted to easy thinking. Surrender your choice to self. Who’s life is it anyway, yours or theirs.

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